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Improving Safety Programs Through Data Governance and Data Business Planning

State departments of transportation (DOTs) are taking advantage of data from a variety of sources to improve planning, programming, and design of safety improvements. Bringing the right data together in useful forms for decision making requires careful planning, management, and coordination both within DOTs and between DOTs and external partner agencies. Data governance and data business planning are important strategies that state transportation agencies can use to maximize the effectiveness of data-driven decision making for safety and other key agency objectives. Data governance institutionalizes and assigns responsibilities for traditional data management practices focusing on data collection, storage, security, data inventory, analysis, quality control, reporting, and visualization. Data business planning helps agencies to align their data collection and management strategies with their business needs.

The TRB Committees on Statewide Transportation Data and Information Systems, Transportation Information Systems and Technology, and Geographic Information Science and Applications hosted a peer exchange on March 3–4, 2015, in Washington, D.C., to explore effective data governance and data business planning solutions for safety applications. Participants explored both technical and organizational factors and identified priority research needs.

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