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How We Travel: A Sustainable National Program for Travel Data

This project was conducted at the request of the AASHTO Standing Committee on Planning as part of NCHRP Project 08-36; NCHRP 08-36 contributed $65,000 to this project which was conducted by the TRB Special Studies Division. This report has been published as TRB Special Report 304.

This study assesses the current state of travel data at the federal, state, and local levels and defines an achievable and sustainable travel data system that can support public and private transportation decision making. The primary goal is to develop a strategy for structuring, conducting, and funding the collection of critical travel data. The study is national in scope, recognizing that travel data are collected and used at multiple geographic levels and by multiple sectors. It covers all travel modes, with a focus on measuring the performance of the
transportation system as a whole.

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