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Texas Transportation Leaders Scramble to Keep Up with Car Technology

  • Thomas Frey doesn’t mince words when it comes to driverless cars. “Driverless-car technology is going to be the most disruptive technology in all of history,” the futurist said during an opening session of the two-day Texas Transportation Forum.

Oregon Transportation Funding Package Might Not Single Out Specific Projects

  • A joint House and Senate panel of the Oregon legislature is getting down to work this month on crafting a massive transportation funding package. However, an initial plan released by the committee doesn’t list specific projects that would be funded.


As Trump Vows Building Splurge, Breezewood, Pennsylvania Offers Warning

  • Millions of people who travel between the Mid-Atlantic and the Midwest each year fight through Breezewood, Pa., a strange gap in the Interstate system.

SCJ Transportation Planner Gathers Experts in DC, Asking Tough Question About the Future

  • The week before America’s transfer of presidential power, a group of transportation experts from around the country met in Washington, D.C. for a discussion titled, “Embracing Uncertainty: What We Don’t Know About the Future Matters.”


Southern California Association of Governments Approves $4.5 Million for LA County Transportation, Green Initiatives, Uptown Destination Project

  • More than $4.5 million in funding for 26 active transportation and sustainability projects in Los Angeles County, from pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements to climate action plans, was approved Thursday, it was announced.

Madison County, Indiana COG Studying Mass Transit Option

  • Madison County Council of Governments is preparing to start a study of a mass transit system to Indianapolis, as part of a long-range transportation plan.


US Freight Railroads to Spend $22 Billion on Infrastructure in 2017

  • U.S. freight railroads are projected to spend an estimated $22 billion to maintain and upgrade the nation’s private rail network in 2017, according to the rail industry’s trade group, the Association of American Railroads.


Georgia Legislators Propose New Source of Funding for Transportation, Transit

  • Members of the Georgia House of Representatives have introduced a bill that would give local governments across the state more flexibility to fund transportation projects.


Cities, Suburbs Requiring Too Much Parking Near Transit Stations, Study Says

  • Auto-centric standards and zoning requirements have led to too much parking being built around transit stations, leaving many parking spaces empty and wasting valuable land that could be better used, according to a study released Tuesday by Smart Growth America.

Rochester, Minnesota Eyes ‘Game Changer’ Transit Plan. Will Public Get on Board?

  • Rochester has big plans to add 30,000 jobs over the next 20 years, driven by Mayo Clinic’s expansion. That rapid growth, however, could make downtown a mess if city leaders don’t figure out how to handle the traffic.


Hillsborough County, Florida Planners Take to Streets to Study Pedestrian Safety

  • They stood on the sidewalk of the busy intersection, their fluorescent vests and clipboards catching the attention of passing drivers. The group, composed of a dozen or so transportation planners, engineers, politicians and law enforcement, scanned the roadway looking for any way to make it safer for those who walk or ride a bike.


How Smart Transportation Projects Can Help Solve Social Issues

  • When the U.S. Department of Transportation put out a Smart Cities Challenge, one might have expected the proposed solutions to cluster around transit issues. They did, but many went much further.