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Federal Rule Would Complicate Planners’ Lives

  • A new federal rule that would significantly complicate the operations of many of the nation’s regional transportation planning organizations, including the Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission, has become official policy despite protests from across the country.

How Tech is Making Urban Planning More Inclusive

  • Imagine if next time you saw a plan for an oversized monster tower block proposed for your street, you could get out your smartphone and swipe left to oppose it?


Connecticut Officials Look to Improve Public Transportation at Meeting of South Central Regional Council of Governments

  • Almost one-quarter of all public transportation trips statewide are taken in the New Haven area, and transportation officials are trying to make that trip easier.


As Gas Tax Profits Decline, More States May Turn to Tolls

  • Tolls have been a fact of life in Indiana for at least 60 years, but state Rep. Edmond Soliday thinks there will have to be more of them if the state wants to keep its roads in good shape.

To Toll or Not to Toll Is Question for Trump Infrastructure Plan

  • The Brent Spence Bridge between Ohio and Kentucky carries twice as much traffic as it was built to handle — it’s 54 years old and functionally obsolete.

Ohio Governor Proposes Changes to State Public Transit Funding

  • Transit agencies across the state are facing an unclear funding future based on Gov. John Kasich’s executive budget released today.


Lack of Coal Traffic Leads to Concerns About Loss of Rail Lines

  • New West Virginia Transportation Secretary Tom Smith encouraged the State Rail Authority Thursday to participate in an Appalachian Regional Commission study on the effects of decreased shipments of coal by rail.


Inland Ports Extending Reach Throughout Georgia, Beyond

  • Building upon its inland port successes, the Georgia Ports Authority is extending its Network Georgia concept to include a rail-served facility now being built in the northwest corner of the state, with an eye toward one or two more such intermodal installations.

Port of Vancouver to Cut Docking Fees for Quieter Ships by Nearly Half

  • The Port of Vancouver has introduced a new incentive for shipping companies to protect local marine wildlife: ships that meet new engine noise reduction standards will have their docking fees cut by up to 47 per cent.


The 100 Worst Traffic Bottlenecks on US Highways

  • You know it when you see it: that piece of highway where everything slows to a crawl for no apparent reason, where it’s stop-and-go for miles but no crash in sight.

Los Angeles Reveals Plan to Eliminate Traffic Deaths

  • With Los Angeles being the deadliest city in America for traffic-related deaths, officials Thursday released a plan with the bold goal of completely eliminating them by 2025.

What Will Be the Impact of Florida’s I-4 Ultimate Project?

  • March 8, 1965, was so unseasonably cold in Orlando that Gov. Haydon Burns stuffed his speech in a pocket, said a few quick words, then cut a ribbon near the west side of Lake Ivanhoe to mark the official opening of Interstate 4.


Uber Takes Majority of Ground Transport Market for US Business Travelers

  • When Uber is winning, taxis aren’t the only ones losing.

Uber Releases Ridership Data from Local Transit Partnership

  • The Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority has released information about its partnerships with Uber that had previously been protected because the ridesharing company claimed it was a trade secret.