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Statewide Planning Updates

Massachusetts State Senators Talk Transportation on Statewide Listening Tour

  • Members of the Massachusetts State Senate are on a statewide listening tour with visits scheduled in each of the 40 Senator’s districts. Each of the nine regional one day stops in the tour includes a session devoted to transportation. It is an attempt to build consensus on a public transportation vision.

CSX Railroad Fuel Tax Lawsuit Against Alabama Dismissed

  • Alabama doesn’t discriminate against railroads by requiring them to pay a 4 percent diesel fuel sales tax while their competitors – trucking and barge companies – are exempt, a federal judge ruled this week. Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall and Revenue Commissioner Julie P. Magee applauded the ruling, saying it could return more than $10 million in unpaid taxes to Alabama’s Education Trust Fund.

How US Bike Planning Has Changed, State by State

  • In 2012, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) set the lofty goal of tripling the rates of statewide transit use, walking and biking. Much of that shift will come from planning and infrastructure changes implemented by city DOTs. But the state DOT plays an important role too. MassDOT is in the process of updating its Statewide Bicycle Transportation Plan for the first time since 2008.

Colorado Senator Rejects CDOT’s Toll Road Idea for New Transportation Bill

  • On the heels of the newly-proposed House Bill 1242, the Colorado Department of Transportation is suggesting those roads be “managed lanes,” like HOV or toll lanes. House Bill 1242 is meant to help alleviate traffic in the area, build new added lanes to highways and improve roads. Coloradans would have to vote on raising taxes to begin with.


Small Changes with Big Payoffs for Transportation Jams in Miami-Dade

  • While the multi-year Strategic Miami Area Rapid Transit plan moves forward, the county’s Transportation and Public Works Department has launched a campaign to create small changes with big payoffs. “Miami-Dade Transit is really pushing the envelope, trying to be innovative, coming up with interesting ways to improve the daily experience of transit,” Charles Scurr, executive director of the Citizens Independent Transportation Trust, told board members at a March 16 meeting.

Business Interests Hold First-of-Its-Kind Meeting with San Francisco to Stop Traffic Congestion

  • The denizens of downtown have had it: Traffic congestion has got to go. To that end, the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce pitched to San Francisco a first-of-its-kind meeting with downtown interests and transportation planners in the hopes of tackling congestion in concert.


Knoxville Regional TPO Partners to Host Symposium to Make Area Better

  • The East Tennessee Community Design Center and the Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization are hosting a symposium to receive ideas on how to make the community better. The groups hope the free event will help them find ways to connect to the community and make the area happier, healthier and smarter.

Cheyenne MPO Launches Roundabout Safety Campaign

  • The two-lane roundabout at Pershing Boulevard, 19th Street and Converse Avenue has made the intersection safer by virtually eliminating T-bone and head-on crashes. But the intersection still sees its fair share of collisions – safer, less deadly collisions, sure, but still not something you’d care to experience. That’s why the Cheyenne Metropolitan Planning Organization has decided to make the roundabout the first focus of a new initiative that aims to educate motorists, cyclists and pedestrians on how to navigate Cheyenne’s streets safely.


High-Speed Rail May Greatly Impact Small River Towns in Minnesota

  • Think of the stress behind planning a trip. Now, think of it without having to worry about gridlock, road construction, or long security lines. Minnesota High-Speed Rail Commission is working toward just that by preparing the plan for a fast route from the Twin Cities to Chicago. With the existing Amtrak train, this daily train will run at a different time.


Buffalo Metro Rail Planning Focused on Transit-Oriented Development

  • As Metro Rail trains rumbled underneath the meeting area, transportation planners and members of the public talked about extending the rail line south into Buffalo’s Cobblestone District and north to the University at Buffalo’s North Campus and byeond. At this stage


San Francisco Bay Area Commuters Back Taxes to Pay to Improve Roads, Transit

  • Bay Area residents have grown so exasperated by worsening traffic and the paucity of government money to make things better that they’re willing to tax themselves to pay for a regional program of improvements. That’s according to a poll released Friday, just two days after Gov. Jerry Brown and Democratic state legislators announced a transportation funding plan that would boost fuel taxes and vehicle registration fees for $52 billion in road and public-transportation improvements.


New Jersey Bike Depots Connect Cyclists to Mass Transit

  • When Dan Helmick stepped off the train on a recent rain-soaked evening, his next ride for home was close, secure and dry. Helmick parked his bicycle at Bay Street Station’s bike depot, which the New Jersey Walk and Bike Coalition opened in October 2014 in Montclair. The organization’s second depot opened on March 24 in Bloomfield’s Glenwood Avenue Garage, steps away from that town’s NJ Transit train station. A third one is scheduled to open late summber in Elizabeth’s Midtown Garage.