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Delaware DOT Pitches Transportation Improvement District in Lewes

  • Department of Transportation officials say Lewes would benefit from a transportation improvement district, but city officials appear to remain skeptical. DelDOT Secretary Jennifer Cohan met with mayor and city council April 10 to discuss establishing a Lewes district.


Minnesota Transportation Planners Brace for Driverless Vehicles

  • As transportation planners look toward the future, they’re tasked with trying to predict what our transportation system will look like. Industry experts are suggesting significant changes on how we get to our destinations over the next few decades with the advent of autonomous vehicles and car sharing.

Study of Lynchburg Region’s Transportation System Completed

  • After a year and a half, a coalition of local economic development groups and transportation officials has wrapped up an in-depth study of how the area’s overall transportation system impacts the region’s economic growth. Conceived by former Virginia Del. Shannon Valentine, the Lynchburg representative on the Commonwealth Transportation Board, the first-of-its-kind study aimed to identify ways to make all of the different kinds of transportation in the region work better together to help business grow.

Transportation Planning Key to Good Growth

  • Will County (Ill.) officials over the next several weeks plan to unveil the recommendations of a million-dollar transportation study aimed at boosting the region’s prospects as a national freight and rail center. The study, conducted under the leadership of former state Transportation secretary Ann Schneider, is intended to provide strategies to grow the county’s intermodal transportation industries, including freight and rail, and at the same time address community concerns about traffic congestion, safety on local highways and surface roads and employment and housign opportunities.


Concerns Expressed Over Continuous Cost Increases of TIP at Texas’ Capital Area MPO

  • The Transportation Policy Board discussed amendments made to the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization 2017-2020 Transportation Improvement Plan at its meeting Monday night. Among the top concerns mentioned were the continuous cost increases such amendments entail.

Pottawatomie County, Kansas Approves Extending MPO Boundary

  • The Pottawatomie County Commission Monday authorized the extension of the Flint Hills Metropolitan Planning Organization along the U.S. Highway 24 corridor to the western edge of Wamego. The commission gave its OK following a presentation by Stephanie Watts, transportation planning manager for the FHMPO.


AAPA and MARAD Release New Port Planning Toolkit

  • The U.S. Port Planning and Investment Toolkit (PPIT) has been updated with new sections on planning, feasibility and finance. The PPIT was developed through collaboration between the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA), the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration (MARAD), PFM Group, WSP/Parsons Brinkerhoff and a host of industry experts.

Freight Transportation Study Finds Barges Remain Superior

  • The National Waterways Foundation (NWF) recently released an updated national study comparing selected societal, environmental and safety impacts of utilizing inland river barge transportation to highway and rail transportation. Titled “A Modal Comparison of Domestic Freight Transportation Effects on the General Public: 2001-2014 (January 2017),” the study was conducted by the Texas Transportation Institute’s Center for Port & Waterways at Texas A&M University.


Funds Approved to Study Extension of Caltrain to Downtown San Francisco

  • The San Francisco County Transportation Authority has approved funding toward the downtown extension of Caltrain, despite worries over the recent loss of federal funding for the agency’s much awaited electrification project. It’s a small amount, just $5.4 million for the Transbay Joint Powers Authority toward preliminary engineering and a study on tunneling options, but commenters at Tuesday’s SFCTA meeting called it a major step forward for the imperiled Caltrain downtown extension.

Cleveland Hospitals Investing in Transit to Provide Access, Improve Health

  • With the announcement of MetroHealth System’s decision to sponsor the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority’s newest Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) route, all three major health systems in the county soon will be on board with public transit. The new BRT line will start rolling in October. At that time, what is known as the No. 51 line will be rebranded as the MetroHealth Line – a new BRT line sponsored by the MetroHealth System for the same fare as existing routes.


Charlotte Transportation Leaders Working to Improve Pedestrian Safety

  • In the past six weeks, Channel 9 has covered six serious crashes involving pedestrians and bicyclists in Charlotte. The most recent wreck happened Monday morning when a bicyclist was rushed to a hospital in life-threatening condition after a private security officer crashed into him on Randolph Road. Transportation leaders are taking action after a high-profile case in west Charlotte.

Fort Myers Beach Bike-Ped Master Plan Reaching Final Stages

  • For decades, Fort Myers Beach officials have wanted to improve their roads and crosswalks for cyclists and walkers. Some quality work has been done on the beach but it hasn’t been extensive. In about two months, Fort Myers Beach will have a master plan for bike-ped use. In June, an eight-month analysis of the area will be completed.