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Pennsylvania Governor Announces ‘PennDOT Connects,’ New Transportation-Project Approach

  • Recognizing transportation’s role in connecting communities and supporting economic development, state Department of Transportation (PennDOT) Secretary Leslie S. Richards today announced PennDOT Connects, an approach that will enhance local engagement and improve transportation-project planning, design, and delivery.

Lubbock Mayor, Texas DOT Discuss Freight Mobility and Transportation

  • The Texas Department of Transportation is looking for ways to expand freight and transportation opportunities. TxDOT met with Mayor Dan Pope and key stakeholders Thursday.


Lake Tahoe Planners Tackle Congestion, Say Wider Roads Not Part of Solution

  • Lake Tahoe planners this week launched a planning process they say will reduce the need for visitors and residents to rely on cars, will ease bottlenecks and cut greenhouse gas emissions in the basin over the next 20 years. In an expansive transportation planning report issued Wednesday called “Linking Tahoe,” officials with the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency say congestion happens only in certain spots at key times, and needs to be managed with an environmentally friendly rather than car-centric approach.


Texas’ Permian Basin MPO Lays Out Priority Projects, Elects New Chairman

  • The Permian Basin Metropolitan Planning Organization is making an extra effort to get more transportation funding in this area. The public policy board at its February meeting Monday voted to approve a resolution adopting a 10-year prioritized project list, which will be submitted to the Texas Department of Transportation in Austin.


Cities Embrace ‘Transit Hubs’ to Boost Business, Jobs

  • Are transit hubs the new malls? Several major nerve centers of U.S. transportation-like Union Station in Washington, D.C., and Penn Station in New York City-are planning major overhauls that would transform them from pass-through structures into glittering corridors of restaurants, retail, and event spaces.

Philadelphia Council Members Propose Plan to Boost Development Near Transit Stops

  • City Council members have proposed legislation aimed at encouraging development along Philadelphia’s public-transportation corridors by giving developers breaks on height limits and parking requirements when they build near transit stops.


Virtual Singapore Looks Just Like Singapore IRK – But with More Data

  • More than 5 million people live in Singapore. The densely populated island city-state off southern Malaysia covers 277 square miles and contains more than 4,300 high-rise towers. It’s also one of the most sensor-laden and demographically monitored places on Earth, which makes it an ideal candidate for replication in the virtual world.

The World Still Learns from Ontario’s 407 Highway Toll System

  • When Torontonians drive through the gantries of the 407 ETR Highway, rather than feeling that tinge of frustration that comes with paying to use the city’s only toll road, they should instead consider how they’re taking part in what was once a marvel of modern technology.


Fort Myers Beach, Florida Bike, Pedestrian Master Plan Focuses on Safety

  • It’s been almost five years in coming: the island’s first bicycle and pedestrian master plan. But the plan isn’t for Estero Boulevard. The Lee County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) secured federal funding to come up with a master plan for the town. But because the county is already working on Estero Boulevard, the plan will focus on the town’s roads as well as “non-infrastructure” programs like education.


‘Smart’ Street Light in San Diego to Track Traffic, Parking, Air Quality

  • The city of San Diego Wednesday announced a major expansion of a program in which “smart sensors” are installed on street lights to gather and disseminate data on traffic, parking availability, public safety and air quality, among other things.

Tomorrow’s Transportation Ecosystem: From Autonomous Vehicles to Public Transit

  • There is growing evidence that tomorrow’s urban cars will be “safe, green and connected,” Mary Gustanski, Delphi’s vice president of engineering, recently told Car Talk. “We’re going to see more electrification, and the electric car will merge with automated driving and the connected car.”