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Redmond, Washington Gets Rid of One-Way Streets

  • After 30 years the city is getting rid of one-way streets. The goal is to make downtown Redmond an urban center.


Dallas Transportation Planners Hoping to Cash In on Volkswagen Emissions Scandal

  • The Volkswagen emissions cheating scandal is likely to cost the automaker tens of billions of dollars. And local transportation planners hope to peel off a few of those zeros for the Dallas area.


Seattle’s Business and Political Leaders Unveil Plan to Create World-Class Transportation System

  • From a booming tech industry to a beautiful environment, Seattle has several qualities that are the envy of cities around the world.
  • Most American cities have grown organically since the end of WWII. Developers bought whatever land was available, and the government built roads to it with few restrictions and little planning. This brought low-cost suburbs and greater mobility, at first. But today, cities are choking on their own traffic.


Boston Considers More Diversified, Connected Transit Future

  • The team behind Imagine Boston 2030 issued a report last week that outlines the four goals that will guide its citywide planning.


When Regulating Self-Driving Cars, Who’s at the Wheel?

  • The storm that rolled through Ann Arbor, Mich., in late November brought nine inches of snow and an experimental opportunity too good to pass up. A team of Ford engineers working to develop self-driving vehicles decided it would be a good time to put their modified Ford Fusion sedans to the test.

A Playbook on the Politics of Better Streets

  • During her tenure as New York City’s transportation commissioner, Janette Sadik-Khan oversaw the addition of 400 miles of new bike lanes, helped implement the nation’s largest bike-sharing system, converted 60 plazas into spaces where people could sit and relax, and repurposed 180 acres of asphalt for pedestrian and bike use.


How Can Salt Lake County, Utah Encourage More Commuting by Bicyclists?

  • Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams says the county wants the public to weigh in on solutions to make the county a more safe, efficient and connected community for active transportation. McAdams says the survey is part of the county’s comprehensive active transportation planning and implementation project now underway.