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Weekly Briefs for the Week of December 30, 2013

  1. Assessment of the Body of Knowledge on Incorporating Climate Change Adaptation Measures into Transportation Projects – This report highlights adaptation actions that transportation agencies around the world are already pursuing and articulates a growing set of best practices for implementing adaptation. It also discusses strategies, examples, and best practices for evaluating the costs and benefits of adaptation.
  2. Health by Design: Health + Urbanism – This report examines the links between health factors and city form. It studies an array of public health matters in eight major metropolitan areas in the United States, and suggests a wide array of possible remedies, from better mass transit to extensive tree-planting.
  3. Building Capacity: Helping Communities Create Vibrant, Healthy and Economically Prosperous Neighborhoods — This report represents a compilation of specific issue area briefs such as creating regional TOD plans and strategies, infill infrastructure financing, advancing sustainability in a slow economy, and redeveloping brownfield properties.
  4. Miscellaneous Reports