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Island Transportation Planning Organization Formed in Washington State

  • State, county, municipal and other entities on Wednesday officially formed the Island Transportation Planning Organization, a group intended to ensure that Island County allocates federal transportation funds most effectively county-wide.

Iowa DOT Planners Look at I-80

  • Transportation planners in Iowa are seeking public input on a new study of Interstate 80, and a key part of their examination of the state’s busiest road will include a close look at the Quad-Cities.
  • As baby boomers approach retirement age, local cities that hope to compete for young talent will need to cater to the wants and lifestyles of the growing, but comparatively small, ranks of millennials in the workforce.
  • What will Bay County’s transportation system need over the next 20 years?
  • The cars of the future may not need drivers, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be self-sufficient. In fact, they could force states and cities to upgrade their roads and other infrastructure.
  • As demand grows for more sustainable and equitable urban planning, Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) initiatives have been gaining steam worldwide.