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Weekly Briefs for the Week of February 10, 2014

  1. The Future of Transportation Infrastructure Investments: Determining Best Practices for States’ Funding and Financing Mechanisms – This report summarizes the survey results of a comprehensive survey of all the ways all 50 states are paying for infrastructure. It offers a toolset to legislators on how to determine the best funding and financing mechanisms for their particular state. It also lays out the benefits and risks inherent in any funding and financing strategy, and can help legislators make an informed decision.
  2. Implementing Technology to Improve Public Highway Performance: A Leapfrog Technology from the Private Sector Is Going To Be Necessary – This paper argues that policymakers could implement available, well-tested technologies to make highway pricing, investment, and operations more efficient, which would improve travel speeds, travel-time reliability, and safety and reduce highway expenditures.
  3. Smart Growth and Economic Success: Investing in Infill Development – This report examines the real and perceived challenges of infill development and how developers are able to overcome them, outlines the demographic trends that are driving increasing demand for infill development, and summarizes research showing how reduced infrastructure costs and higher property values can allow infill developers to earn a good return on their investment while protecting the environment, strengthening the economy, and improving quality of life in the community.
  4. A New Course: How Innovative University Programs Are Reducing Driving on Campus and Creating New Models for Transportation Policy – This report provides innovative examples of colleges and universities that are making efforts in reducing driving on their campuses and provide useful models for expanding the range of transportation options available to Americans while addressing the transportation challenges facing the communities.
  5. Miscellaneous Reports