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Weekly Briefs for the Week of February 3, 2014

  1. Comprehensive Study to Reduce Pedestrian Crashes in Florida – This project performs a comprehensive review of existing pedestrian safety studies, identifies statewide pedestrian crash patterns and causes, determines factors contributing to pedestrian injury severity, selects and analyzes pedestrian high crash locations at both signalized and non-signalized locations for crash causes, and proposes the potential countermeasures for these crash causes.
  2. GAO Reports
  3. The Innovative DOT: A handbook of policy and practice – This handbook collects the innovative approaches that state transportation leaders are already using to make systems more efficient and effective in today’s challenging economy.
  4. Stuck in Traffic: Analyzing Real Time Traffic Capabilities of Personal Navigation Devices and Traffic\Phone Applications – This study measures the accuracy of traffic jam reporting by having Personal Navigational Devices from TomTom and Garmin and phone apps from TomTom, INRIX, and Google in the same vehicle programmed to arrive at the same destination.
  5. Effect of Signing and Striping on the Safety of a Two-Lane Roundabout – This report presents a study of the impact lane markings and signing have on driving behavior at a two-lane roundabout located in Richfield, Minnesota.