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Welcome to the 511!

Thank you for your interest in the first edition of the 511!  As part of the Statewide Planning website this blog is meant to provide an informal setting for sharing resources and information, while fostering opportunities for discussion and learning.  New entries will be published about twice each month.  These short pieces will help give context to the current issues in transportation planning across the country.  Some potential subjects include:

  1. Summaries of state survey results;
  2. Overviews of relevant topics to the planning community;
  3. News on MAP-21, NPRMs, and SHRP 2 product implementation; and
  4. Recaps of events and conferences

However, these items are not meant as restrictions.  This is where your involvement comes in, which is crucial for the 511’s viability.  If you are interested in contributing, there are several ways you can stay updated and involved.  Please contact Bryan Hong with questions about any of these actions:

  1. Submitting ideas and suggestions.  Have you been wondering about a certain topic for a while?  Or, maybe you’re interested in what information exists on a particular topic.  Perhaps you want to bring attention to a success story or lesson learned in your state or region.  These are all potential ideas worth investigating for future posts.
  2. Writing a post as a guest contributor.  If you want to be a guest writer for an entry (or two) this is your chance to draft your thoughts for online distribution.  We are able to work with you by providing edits and comments on content and direction.
  3. Commenting on or sharing blog entries.  Your opinions and experiences that relate to any given post matter and we encourage you to comment and share them.* Circulating posts among your network of coworkers and other contacts will help enrich the discussion by engaging additional readers and voices.
  4. Providing feedback.  Whether you consider the blog useful or needing improvement, we want to know so it becomes as user-driven as possible.  This can include the blog’s functionality and potential new ideas, too (integrated surveys, blog post formats, etc.).
  5. Subscribing to our list.  Sign up for notifications on new entries and other updates.

Other ideas not on this list are welcomed, as well.  We are excited to see where this journey leads as part of the Statewide Planning site—be sure to check back soon for our next 511 post!